The 2017 California Solidarity Conference

  • December 9-10
  • Oakland, CA

What is the California Solidarity Conference?

The 2017 California Solidarity Conference is a resource for our movement.

This weekend-long “unconference” is an opportunity for movement organizers, legislative advocates, policy experts, and issue campaigners to build solidarity across issue areas and discuss how to lay the groundwork for long-term systemic change in California and beyond.

In the past year since the election, the progressive movement across the country has been engaged in all-out resistance – with California leading the charge. The Solidarity Conference is a chance for us to come together from across the state to share struggles, lessons, and victories so that we can move forward into 2018 united and ready to win.

This is an unconference – that means YOU set the agenda and choose how best to spend your time. We’ll come together every day for plenary sessions and panel discussions, and for the rest of the time you will choose from dozens of participant-led discussions and workshops – maybe you’ll lead one yourself!

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Areas of Focus

The Resistance

Stopping the Trump agenda and defending targeted communities

Collective Power

Developing political power and organizing for long-term change

A Visionary Movement

Working towards a bold progressive vision of the future

You set the agenda

This is an unconference. That means that when you arrive on Saturday morning, only the first block of sessions will be filled in. Participants (that’s you!) will be able to submit sessions online before the event and also on-site once you arrive.

Once you submit your sessions, our volunteer team of dedicated agenda-makers will work to ensure that the highest level of diversity, variety, and impact is represented in the schedule. If multiple people submit similar sessions, we might encourage you to work together!

There will always be multiple sessions happening at every session block, and the evolving agenda will be located in an easy-to-find public space for when you are looking for your next session.

Any sessions that don’t make it into the schedule on Saturday can be re-submitted on Sunday, and it’s common for Sunday sessions to grow out of conversations that happen on Saturday.

All you need to submit a session is:

  • A title for your session
  • A very brief description
  • A list of session organizers (you and whoever is convening the session with you)
  • What kind of session is it (workshop, discussion, etc)

The biggest rule of an unconference: If you aren’t learning or contributing, go somewhere else. You are encouraged to vote with your feet and switch sessions whenever you want!

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Partners in Solidarity

Conference Sponsors

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